2013 “Hoops at the Beach” Game Times Released!

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Below are the brackets (by division) where you can find your team’s game times and court number. If you have trouble viewing these brackets, be sure to arrive no later than 7:45am to Crown Point Shores on Saturday morning for the first games of the day. If you are not on time for your games, you will forfeit!

To find your team’s game-time tomorrow, follow the steps below:

1) You must know your Division and Team Name to get your game time on the website

2) Click on your division, and search for your team name in the bracket, and below your first game will be the game-time and court. Courts may be subject to change on game-day.

*NOTE: Your division may have more than one version (6-0” & Under (A), 6-0” & Under (B), etc.), so if you can’t find your Team Name in one of them, be sure to look through the other sub-levels.


Men’s Elite (A)

Men’s Elite (B)

Men’s Open

6-0″ & Under (A)

6-0″ & Under (B)

6-0″ & Under (C)

6-3″ & Under (A)

6-3″ & Under (B)

6-3″ & Under (C)

6-3″ & Under (D)

Masters A

Masters B

Super Masters

Recreation A

Recreation B

Women’s Open (now in “Recreation”)

Boys 9th/10th – A

Boys 9th/10th – B

Boys 11th/12th (now in “Men’s Open”)

Girls 9th/10th (now in “Recreation”)

Boys 3rd/4th – A

Boys 3rd/4th – B

Boys 5th/6th – A

Boys 5th/6th – B

Boys 7th/8th – A

Boys 7th/8th – B

Boys 7th/8th – C

Girls 3rd/4th

Girls 5th/6th (now in “Girls 7th/8th”)

Girls 7th/8th


**Other Tournament Notes

1) Requested t-shirt sizes are not guaranteed. We ordered the shirts well in advance of the tournament, so our size counts may vary. Team t-shirt orders will be stuffed in the order the entry forms were submitted. When you arrive on Saturday (or Sunday), you may stop by the registration tent at any time to pick up your team’s event t-shirts.

2) Be sure to bring a Form of Identification when you check in for your first game at your designated court.

3) YOUTH GAMES – 3rd-8th Grade division games are Sunday only!

4) All children under 18 years-old playing in the tournament will need a waiver signed by their parent or guardian for them to participate.
We look forward to seeing you this weekend for another year of Jack in the Box “Hoops at the Beach”!