What time do gates open on the day of the game?
All gates into the stadium will open two hours prior to scheduled kickoff.

What radio station is broadcasting the game this year?
The game will be broadcast on Sirius XM – Fox Sports Radio.

Which sides are the teams on?
The Pac-12 team is on the North side, Big Ten team is on the South side.

What time do the Pregame Shows start?
The Pregame Shows begin 30 minutes prior to kickoff.

How much does it cost to park in the stadium lot on game day?
The parking fee is $20.00. Vehicles over 59 feet in length are $60

When and where can I buy game merchandise?
On HolidayBowl.com in early December. On game-day merchandise kiosks are located throughout the stadium. There are also two large stores located on the Plaza Level near Gates C and G.

How do I take the trolley public transportation to SDCCU Stadium?
The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System Bus and Trolley provide regular and limited special event services to SDCCU Stadium. For highly-attended, major special events, the Trolley adds special event service. Please visit the MTS Website for more information on MTS service to SDCCU Stadium.

Are tickets available for purchase on game day?
If there are tickets available on game-day, they will be sold at Window F.

Do I have to buy a ticket for my child if she/he sits on my lap?
Anyone over 36 inches in height or children over two years of age, require a game ticket. Children should always keep their game ticket in their pockets. Doing so will expedite reuniting lost children and their parents or guardians. If your child becomes lost, see an event staff member immediately and provide a detailed description of the child so that he/she may be found quickly.

How can I get seats on my team’s side?
Purchase the tickets directly through the university or request it when ordering through the box office.

When do renewals take place?
Renewals are mailed out to charters member in March. The deadline is usually the end of May.

What if I want to upgrade, add, delete seats from my membership account?
After the renewal deadline has passed, the ticket office begins processing upgrades, additions and deletions. Priority for upgrades, and additions will be given to ticket holders with the longest existing accounts, starting from 5905. All requests for upgrades and additions will be completed before tickets go on sale to the public.

What if I have lost my ticket? Can I get a replacement?
The San Diego County Credit Union Holiday Bowl will write a replacement seat slip, provided that the school has documentation verifying the identity of the person to whom the seat was sold. In the case of stolen tickets, a police report must be provided with the location of the theft stated. Lost tickets will not be replaced with another “hard” ticket.

How do I exchange my seat for a handicap accessible one?
SDCCU Stadium is fully accessible. Wheelchair spaces have fixed companion seats next to wheelchairs. Please contact the ticket office regarding your needs.

Where is Will-Call?
The will-call window is located at window “F”. You must have a picture ID to pick up your tickets and the tickets will be released only to the person whose name is on the will-call envelope. The will-call window opens at noon and is open until the end of halftime. Customer service is located near gate “F”. Security is located at gate “A”.Home Team Will Call is at Gate H and the Visiting Team Will-Call is at Gate E.On game day, all ticket issues must be resolved at Will Call, no phone calls. You must have a picture ID to pick up your tickets and the tickets will be released only to the person whose name is on the will-call envelope. The will-call window opens at noon and is open until the end of halftime.Customer service is located near gate “F”. Security is located at gate “A”.

What is the address of SDCCU Stadium?
9449 Friars Road
San Diego, CA 92108
For directions, please go to the Directions page on the SDCCU Stadium website.

What is the seating capacity for SDCCU Stadium?
SDCCU Stadium’s seating capacity is 66,000.

Can I use flash photography?
Fans are permitted to bring cameras into the stadium, provided they are intended for personal use only and do not interfere with other fans’ view of the game.

Can I videotape the game?
No video recording of game action is allowed.

What is stadium policy regarding bringing in food or drink? Or coolers/bags?
Food in a small plastic bag and factory-sealed plastic water bottles ½ liter, 17 oz. or less (limit two per person) are allowed into the stadium. Bottles, cans, coolers, backpacks and bags larger than 12”x12”x12” are prohibited from entering the stadium. All items are subject to search or may not be admitted.

What is the alcohol policy at the stadium?
Alcohol sales begin from the time the gates open and continue until the end of the third quarter. An individual must be 21 years of age to buy alcoholic beverages and proof of age is required. There is a two-drink limit per order.

What is SDCCU Stadium’s smoking policy?
The stadium is 100% smoke free. Smoking in the stadium is a violation of The City of San Diego’s Municipal Code and may result in ejection or citation.

Can I tailgate in the SDCCU Stadium parking lot?
Parties in the parking lot may use only the space in which their vehicle is parked.

Can I park my RV overnight at SDCCU Stadium?
Overnight parking is not allowed.

Where is the handicap parking?
There are fully accessible handicap parking stalls located in the inner ring of the parking lot. These are the parking areas closest to the entrances into the stadium. In addition, there are an additional 97 parking spaces which are designated as handicap accessible spaces. If you require a fully accessible parking stall we suggest that you arrive at the Stadium at least two hours prior to the start of the event.

Does SDCCU Stadium have ATM’s?
Yes, ATM’s are located in the following locations:
Field Level near Section 58
Plaza Level near Gate F
Club Level near Sections 15 and 27
View Level near Section 59

Can I get a transport to my seating area if I have a disability?
Wheelchairs and attendants are available at the First Aid office near Gate F on the Plaza Level. A shuttle service is available in the parking lot for guests needing assistance. Please notify the nearest Ace Parking representative or call (658) 281-6316 to request the shuttle service.

If I leave the stadium can I come back in?
Due to security concerns exit and re-entry is prohibited.

Where is the Lost & Found?
Lost & Found is located at the Guest Services office, located on the Plaza Level between Gates F and G. Non-game day Lost & Found is located in the Stadium Security office at Gate A. You may also call (658) 641-3150.

Where are the First Aid stations?
First Aid is located on the Plaza Level between Gates F & G. An aid station is also located on the Plaza Level at Gate N. Emergency response teams are also posted throughout the stadium.

Where are the designated driver booth locations?
Designated driver booths are available for most events on the Plaza Level near Elevators 1, 2 and 4 and near Stairway B.

Are there baby-changing facilities at the stadium?
Diaper changing tables are located in most of the women’s and men’s restrooms throughout the stadium.

Are there any restaurants in the stadium?
Yes, Murphy’s Bar and Restaurant is open to the public and is located on the Plaza Level near Gate F. The Endzone Club is also open to the public and is located on the Loge Level near Section 60.

Are noise-makers allowed?
Musical instruments and other amplified or noise making devices are not allowed inside the stadium. San Diego Municipal Code 59.0103(h). Small megaphones, less than 12 inches long are acceptable.

What is the policy on bringing animals to the game (ie. guide dogs)?
Any guide dog, signal dog or other animal that is trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability is permitted inside the stadium. Animals can relieve themselves at planters near Gates M or N.

Can I bring a homemade sign/banner into the stadium?
SDCCU Stadium encourages fans to create signs to show their support for the team. Banners must be related to the game, in good taste, must not obstruct the view of other fans or interfere with stadium structures and signs. Flags are permitted, but they must not be attached to poles or sticks. Management reserves the right to confiscate signs that do not meet the above requirements.

Can I bring a beach ball?

What items are prohibited inside the stadium?
For the comfort and safety of everyone, bags larger than 12”, large coolers, bottles, cans, guns, weapons, sticks, inflatable objects, laser pointers, flammable objects, stun guns, fireworks, lawn furniture, spray bottles, beach balls, frisbee, musical instruments, boomerangs, knives, mace and pepper spray, chains, balloons, sports balls, water guns, noise making devices, bicycles and skateboards, illegal drugs, outside alcoholic beverages, umbrellas and any items deemed inappropriate by management are prohibited from entering the stadium.

Is there a stroller check?

What is the policy on bringing umbrellas into the stadium?
Umbrellas are not allowed and they will not be held in Guest Services.

Is there bike parking available?

How do I get to SDCCU Stadium?
SDCCU Stadium is located at 9449 Friars Road at the intersection of Friars and Mission Village Drive. Friars Road can be accessed by Highway 163 North or South and Interstate 15 North or South. Freeways close to the stadium include the I-15, I-8 and Highway 163.

How can I get a taxi?
Taxi stands are located outside Gates A, B, E, F, H and J and on San Diego Mission Road.

Is AAA available in the parking lot after the game?
An emergency service vehicle is available, free of charge, beginning at half-time and continuing until one hour after the game ends.

Where are the overflow parking areas the day of the game?
We encourage fans to research alternative traffic routes when attending the SDCCU Holiday Bowl. Interstate 15 to Friars Rd is the most congested traffic artery into SDCCU Stadium and can expect heavy traffic and major delays. We strongly urge fans to arrive early, carpool or use the San Diego Trolley. The stadium parking lot can be expected to close almost two hours prior to kickoff during events with capacity crowds.

Click here for the stadium overflow parking map.

San Diego State University: From I-8, exit College Avenue and go south. Paid visitor parking is available in designated campus lots. Parking rates vary by location. Take the San Diego Trolley from the SDSU Transit Center to access the Stadium.

Mission City Corporate Center: (2365 Northside Dr. , adjacent to the stadium) Take Friars Road west to Northside Drive. Parking is $30.

Marriott Mission Valley: Take Friars Rd. and exit Qualcomm Way to Rio San Diego Dr. Parking is $15. Take the San Diego Trolley to access the Stadium from the Rio Vista Station.

Town and Country Hotel: Continue on Friars Rd. West past Fashion Valley Mall and exit Fashion Valley Rd. Parking is $15. Take the San Diego Trolley from the Fashion Valley Station to access the Stadium.