1997 Inductees

Robbie Bosco, Quarterback
BYU, 1984.

Bosco put on a courageous performance in the 1984 game, as he rallied BYU to a 24-17 win over Michigan, which clinched the National Championship for the 13-0 Cougars. Despite a sprained ankle, he led BYU on an 83-yard drive in the closing minutes of the game.

Craig James, Running Back
SMU, 1980.

James was a key player in the 1980 game, often referred to as “The Most Exciting Bowl Game Ever.” James ran for 225 yards to set a Holiday Bowl rushing mark that stood for 13 years. He had 45- and 42-yard scoring runs as SMU built up a seemingly commanding lead only to lose to BYU, 46-45. James played in the NFL with the New England Patriots and is now a television sports analyst.